‘The largest of Spain’s Balearic islands’

Mallorca is a hugely popular choice for anyone hoping for a beach break on an island with stunning, postcard backdrops. It is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean and benefits from having hot, dry summers and an array of superb beaches to relax on.

There is no standout beach, instead there are many popular ones such as Calla Agulla which is nestled between forests and mountains, the cove beach of Cala Mondragó, and Es Trenc with its shallow, calm waters.

That’s just a tiny sample though, as there are more than 200 beaches on Mallorca’s coastline and over 30 of them are designated as ‘Blue Flag’ beaches with superior water quality and facilities for tourists. Visitors truly are spoilt for choice.

Before travelling it is worth planning which need spaces booked and which don’t as during the peak months of July and August, it can get very busy.

The Spanish island has plenty to offer beyond its shifting sands too. Whether you want to trek to a hilltop monastery, pedal through cobblestone villages, or discover the 14th century Bellver Castle, there is plenty to keep couples and families occupied between relaxing afternoons on the coasts.

A stay in La Palma, the capital and largest city of the Balearics is recommended as a base for your holiday. It’s a medieval town with breathtaking cathedrals and palaces and a relaxed vibe, perfect for slow walks and lengthy evening meals. Dining is most definitely a highlight of a visit to Mallorca, as its cuisine combines classic Mediterranean cooking with historic influences from the Roman Empire, as well as impactful flavours from Catalonia and Spain’s traditional dishes.


Beach Notes:

  • Mallorca is busiest during July and August.
  • Recommended as a 5-7 day holiday

Beach Highlights:

  • Unwinding in the summer sunshine at one of Mallorca’s premier beaches
  • Trekking to see Cap Formentor, the spectacular cliffs on the northern tip of the island.
  • Strolling through La Palma’s cobbled streets
  • Visiting Bellver Castle, which housed the Kings of Mallorca after construction

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