‘A land of contrasts with large urban cities and immense natural landscapes, industrialised towns and quiet untouched wilderness’

Route Notes:

  • Recommended as a 12 – 14-night escorted tour
  • For the best weather and temperatures visit April – May or September – October
  • Maximum group size 28 guests

Route Highlights:


  • Standing in Tianenmen Square
  • Walking on the Great Wall
  • Viewing the Terracotta Warriors
  • Cruising on the Yangtze River
  • Travelling on the Bullet train
  • Watching pandas
  • Seeing the lights of Shanghai

Options to include

  • Return International flights in to Beijing and out of Shanghai
  • All internal travel including buses, river cruises and the bullet train
  • 14 nights in 4-star accommodation
  • All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Guided tours, excursions and entrance fees

China is a huge and diverse country, with complex and different languages prominent in different areas. This makes it difficult to easily explore on your own. Instead, we would recommend joining an escorted group tour, as indicated here, to benefit from the knowledge of a local guide and enjoy the company of fellow travellers.

China is a land of contrasts with large urban cities and immense natural landscapes, industrialised towns and quiet untouched wilderness, as well as historic dynasties and modern architecture. There is a lot to explore and enjoy, so this tour is designed to show you the highlights of what this incredible country has to offer.

Beijing is China’s capital city and so a good place to start. It has an unrivalled wealth of history through different cultures and empires that have ruled for centuries. Enjoy a walk through Tianenmen Square to the historic Forbidden City through the Gate of Supreme Harmony to wander through the complex of narrow alleys.

The incredible Great Wall is an iconic sight that can really only be appreciated once walking on the structure itself. You can wander along the wall at your own pace before visiting the Summer Palace, the former holiday retreat of the Qing emperors that encompasses the notion of Fengshui.

After flying to Xian, it is possible to gain an insight in to the city’s fascinating significance as the start of the famous Silk Road. Then discover the impressive Terracotta Warriors of China’s first emperor.  You can spend hours viewing the enigmatic ranks of life-size soldiers and horses.

Fly to Yichang to board a relaxing four-night cruise along the mighty Yangtze River. The river is one the world’s great waterways, traversing along nearly 4000 miles across the country from the mountains of Quinghai to the ocean in Shanghai. Over the next three days you will be able to view one panoramic view after another, whether it is the modern engineered Three Gorges Dam, or the quiet beauty of the forest covered mountains beyond.

At Chongquing it is possible to visit the resident pandas, before boarding your next form of transportation; the bullet train to Guilin. Here you can relax as a slower cruise along the River Li takes you to the charming town of Yangshuo through the breath-taking limestone karst peaks & rural farms.

The tour concludes with a flight to Shanghai; probably China’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Admire the juxtaposition of the charming Yu Garden and the old silk factory amongst the modern skyscrapers of downtown.