Costa Rica

‘A thrill-seeker’s delight’

Costa Rica is a hugely popular destination for adventure lovers, with so many exhilarating activities to take part in and geographical sights to see.

Most holidays in Costa Rica usually begin in the capital San Jose. It’s a city known for its food scene, neoclassical architecture, street performers, live music in rustic restaurants and series of museums including the Museum of Costa Rican Art and Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Time in San Jose is time well spent, but the main draw of the country is its national parks that tourists from nearby countries flock to.

A recommended place to begin your journey after getting acclimated to San Jose is La Fortuna at the foot of Arenal Volcano. It’s an adrenaline lover’s paradise, with options to go white water rafting, mountain biking, horse riding and even caving.

It’s not only for thrill-seekers though, as it’s known for its natural thermal baths and rivers that cater for anyone hoping for a relaxing in Costa Rica and experiencing the country at a slower pace.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest should feature on your itinerary too. It’s a fascinating lush rainforest, which is Costa Rica’s wildlife hub, including 320 bird species and 100 different species of mammals. Here you can get up close to the animals and take on some of the most spectacular vistas from a 450ft high zipline, or while swinging through the trees like Tarzan.

If you plan to see the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, then be prepared for more stunning scenery. The town of Quepos is on the outskirts of Manuel Antonio National Park and is a great example of the country’s laidback side.

The Manuel Antonio park is the smallest of Costa Rica’s national parks, but it’s one of the most popular as it combines beaches, hiking trails and nature spotting, as monkeys, armadillos, sloths and hundreds of birds roam this park.

Holiday Notes:

  • Recommended as a 10-14 day holiday
  • Travelling during the dry season, from December to April, is advised


  • A zipline experience at Monaverde
  • Sampling the best of Costa Rican cuisine in San Jose
  • Relaxing in a hot springs at Arenal
  • Hiking through the Manuel Antonio National Park

Options to include

  • Return International flights
  • Car-hire upgrades
  • Hotel stays
  • Extended stays
  • Tickets to major attractions