Sri Lanka

‘Beaches,  dense rainforests and a collection of stunning monuments and Bhuddist Temples’

Although Sri Lanka is by no means the largest country in the world (in fact it pales in comparison to India – which it sits south of) it’s a place that deserves an extended stay. It has so much to offer, with beaches, dense rainforests, enticing cuisine and a collection of stunning monuments and Bhuddist temples.

While you could easily spend a month or so touring the entire country, if you don’t have that much time to spare then we recommend focusing on a specific area. Anyone who hasn’t been to Sri Lanka before should consider prioritising a tour of the south, starting in the Capital City Colombo and passing through Mirissa, Talalla and the Yala National Park.

Colombo as a city is a great place to get acclimatised to Sri Lanka, and in particular, it’s hot and humid climate, though moving outside the city after a short stay is the best option for most. Galle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit, it’s a preserved colonial town with plenty to see and do.

Mirissa is another real highlight, with pristine beaches to unwind on, and a chance to spend time whale and dolphin watching. Sri Lanka is famous for its wildlife and heading to Yala National Park is a great showcase for its diversity, a guided safari tour aboard a jeep will give you an unforgettable experience and a chance to see the likes of elephants, leopards and crocodiles roaming.

Spending time in the south also means you can access the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, arguably the country’s premier nature-based attraction. It’s huge and full of wildlife, a real paradise for adventure-lovers.

As for dining options in Sri Lanka, the cuisine is delicious well worth experiencing to the fullest. With few western inspired dishes and chain restaurants to be found beyond Colombo, it’s a great chance to immerse yourself into Sir Lankan culture. Meat and fish curries are a staple, as is Hopper, a type of pancake.

Choosing when is best to make the trip to Sri Lanka depends on the regions you plan on visiting. If you do decide on the south, then between December and March is the ideal time of year to make the trip.

Holiday Notes:

  • Recommended as a 10-21 day holiday
  • The best time to visit varies depending on the area you are focusing your visit on. If you plan on spending most of your time in the west and southwest of Sri Lanka then December to March is recommended. If your itinerary is geared more towards the eastern side of the island, you’ll get the best conditions from April to September.


  • A safari tour of the Yala National Park
  • Whale watching at Mirissa
  • Surfing on Tallala beach
  • Trying a traditional Sri Lankan curry

Options to include

  • Return International flights
  • Car-hire upgrades
  • Hotel stays
  • Extended stays
  • Tickets to major attractions