Amsterdam & Bruges

‘A cornucopia of sights to see, superb dining opportunities and stunning architecture’

Taking in both Amsterdam and Brugge is to take in two of the best cities that Europe has to offer. This multi-centre holiday features a cornucopia of sights to see, superb dining opportunities and stunning architecture on display at two cultured locations.

Starting in Bruges, you’ll experience the best that Belgium has to offer. It’s a quiet city, lined with cobbled streets and quiet canals, that is packed with restaurants serving local delicacies, market places and independent shops. There are plenty of attractions to explore too.

The most promenant is the Belfry Tower, which sits in the heart of the city. It’s a 366 step climb to the top of this medieval wonder, where you will get a chance to hear the bells ring. Taking a boat ride on the canal too, is highly recommended, as it paints a perfect picture of the city’s beautiful architecture, especially with the sun setting.

History lovers will also find themselves at home in Bruges, particularly at the Torture Museum, which is set in one of Europe’s oldest prisons the ‘De Oude Steen’. It’s a gripping place to visit, featuring over 100 torture devices. It’s a fascinating underground journey through the history of crime and punishment, if you can stomach it!

Once you’ve sampled enough of Bruges’ best attractions, local beers and traditional culinary delights, it’s time to move on to Amsterdam to visit one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Amsterdam is a colourful city, packed with museums, monuments and art galleries. Amsterdam is famous for its cultural attractions like the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House tour, so making the most of each day out is crucial.

There will be opportunities to relax and unwind though once the sun goes down. Like in Bruges, a cruise on the canal of an evening or taking a seat at a local bistro and watching the world go by are both perfect ways to rest up after an afternoon of sightseeing.

Travelling to and between both cities is easy, and achievable by plane, train or car. A road trip is certainly recommended though as it’s not a taxing drive between the two cities, and there is the option to break up the journey with a stop over in Antwerp if you wish to extend your holiday.

Tour Notes:

• Recommended as a 5-10 day holiday
• Available all year round, though the summer months are most popular.

Route Highlights:

• The taste of true Belgian chocolate
• A visit to Anne Frank’s house
• Taking in the sights of both cities by boat on the canal networks
• A climb up the Belfry Tower
• Tasting the best food that Amsterdam has to offer

Options to include

  • Return International flights or channel crossings
  • Car-hire upgrades
  • Hotel stays at both destinations
  • Extended stays in Belgium or the Netherlands
  • Tickets to popular attractions