Los Angeles To Las Vegas

‘Take a walk on the Wild (West) side….’

Combining Los Angeles and Las Vegas is a classic USA holiday, with two world-renowned cities with so much to see and do included in one journey.

It is recommended that you fly to Los Angeles and spend time there before either taking a short internal flight or driving to Las Vegas for the second part of the tour.

This experience will give you a taste of America’s more glamorous side, as well as its natural beauty as location-wise, both cities are close enough to national parks and geographical landmarks that day trips are worth adding.

Los Angeles is a diverse city, home of course to the world centre of entertainment, Hollywood. Within the city strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must for any cinema buffs, as is a Hollywood sightseeing bus tour.

Away from the show-business side to Los Angeles, a day spent at Venice Beach or shopping at the Grove is a superb option when the sun is shining. Away from downtown LA, visits to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Disneyland are popular for families, as is a drive to Joshua Tree National Park with its stunning desert plains.

Once your time is up at Los Angeles, you will head across the California border and enter Nevada for your stint in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas may be the world’s most prominent gambling spot, but it is far more than that. There are so many shows to see, rollercoasters to ride and landmarks to marvel at that you could spend weeks exploring every nook and cranny. Las Vegas really is one of the entertainment capitals of the world, rivalling the best that London, New York, Tokyo and Paris have to offer. Las Vegas never sleeps, there is always something to see and do.

A day trip out to the Grand Canyon should feature on your itinerary for the second week also. Seeing the incredible rock formations from the window of a helicopter is an experience like no other. We are all familiar with the scale of the Grand Canyon, as it features in so many films and TV shows, but until you see it for yourself.

Route Notes:

•  Recommended as a 14-day holiday, with a week at each destination.
• Available all year round, though temperatures do reach extreme heights during the summer months.

Holiday Highlights:

• Day trip to the Grand Canyon
• Walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame
• Relaxing on Venice Beach
• The thrill of a day at Disneyland
• A walk down the Vegas Strip

Options to include

  • Return International flights
  • Car-hire upgrades
  • 3 & 4-star hotel stays
  • Excursions to Joshua National Park and the Grand Canyon
  • Attraction tickets