Norway & Sweden

‘Some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Europe’

Touring both Norway and Sweden gives you access to some of the highlights of Scandinavia and some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Europe. As the two countries are land-locked, there are multiple ways to travel between each destinations. Hiring a car and driving across the countries is easy and convenient, though hopping on trains or taking short flights is also an option.

A popular route to take would be to start in Oslo, Norway’s Capital, and head East over the course of your holiday and finish up in Stockholm, Sweden’s premier city.

Oslo, which sits on the Southern coast of Norway, is abound with luscious green spaces and intriguing museums, including the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum. One of the main appeals of Oslo though, is the ability to tour the Norweigian Fjords. These narrow strips of water to cruise along, surrounded by steep-sided mountains created by glaciers. There are many to choose from and none will disappoint, setting aside a day to experience a Fjord in all its beauty is a must.

If you plan to visit during the heart winter then it is well worth heading north into a rural part of Norway for a night to see the Northern Lights in all their beauty. Seeing them from Oslo is unlikely due to light pollution.

Getting between Oslo and Stockholm will take less than seven hours by car, though there is plenty to see and do between the two major Cities if you can spare some days in-between.

Perhaps the most prominent place to spend time in is the Swedish city of Karlstad. It sits where Sweden’s longest river, Klaralven, meets Sweden’s largest lake, Vanern. It’s a vibrant place known for its night-life, diverse food selection and experiences for anyone who seeks an active holiday with cycling and trekking.

The last stop, Stockholm, is a visit to an old town that stretches over 14 islands that’s full of delightful ochre-red buildings and the 13th century Church of St Nicholas. There are so many places to visit and sights to see, such as the Royal Palace and Nobel Museum. Getting around is a breeze, with a beautifully decorated metro system that features 100 stops and covers all the main areas in the city centre.

Holiday Notes:

  • Recommended as a 10-14 day holiday
    The most popular months to visit Norway and Sweden are during June to September.
  • The weather during the winter months (April – November) means cold temperatures and snow, though it has its appeal for skiers and anyone wishing to see the Northern Lights at their best.


  • Museum visits in Oslo
  • A day spent seeing a Fjord by boat
  • Night-life in Karlstad
  • Island hopping in Stockholm

Options to include

  • Return International flights
  • Car-hire upgrades
  • Luxury hotel stays
  • Extended stays
  • Tickets to major attractions