Indian-Pacific Railway

‘A 4,300km ride from Sydney to Perth via the Outback’

Route Notes:

• The train journey includes three nights (4 days) on board the train (plus stops)
• Available all year round with the popular summer months, October to February

Route Highlights:

• Being on the train itself is the biggest highlight
• The modern city of Perth
• The search for gold in Kalgoorlie
• The Nullarbor Plain vistas
• The fresh produce at Adelaide’s Central Market
• The beautiful views in the Blue Mountains

Options to Include:

• Return International flights in to Perth and out of Sydney (or vice versa)
• Upgrade your cabin on board for a more spacious journey
• The train includes all meals and drinks whilst on board
• Excursions and transfers from the train are included


Few train journeys are as epic as the Indian Pacific. Traversing Australia from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, from the city of Perth in Western Australia to Sydney in New South Wales. Covering 2700 miles in four days, this rail-route passes through diverse landscapes and includes multiple stops to explore the surroundings.

The Indian- Pacific has elegant and comfortable carriages, with various types of personal cabins that transform at night into relaxing bedrooms. The dining car features seasonal menus with a typically Australian theme and the lounge car boasts panoramic windows to enable you to enjoy a view with your drink.

It is possible to join the train at either Sydney or Perth and the train will stop at different locations in each direction. It is also possible to start or finish your journey at Adelaide if you don’t want to complete the whole journey.

Perth is a modern and sunny city that is actually closer to South-East Asia than the other Australian Cities. Perth residents make the most of this isolation by making the most of the beautiful beaches, winding Swan River and the vineyards of the Margaret River. If you are staying in Perth then be sure to take the boat trip out to Rottnest Island to see the Quokka (the friendly local resident wildlife).

First stop out of Perth is the mining town of Kalgoorlie defined by the gold-rush years and still home to Australia’s largest gold mine. Here you can depart the train for a couple of hours to learn more about the history of the gold-rush and visit the golden art trail.

The train continues overnight meaning that you will wake up to the new epic panoramas of the Nullarbor Plain. This tree-less scrub has remained untouched for centuries, despite the railway’s presence. Even the once-thriving town of Cook is now a ghost town, but well worth a stop to explore the preserved buildings.

The train continues along the longest single stretch of track in the world to the city of Adelaide. Adelaide is known as the city of churches and is home to a diverse population who enjoy the relaxed lifestyle. Here you can visit the colonial buildings or enjoy a guided of the central market. Alternatively, you could visit the Adelaide Oval and the surrounding parklands.

As the train crosses in to New South Wales, it is possible to stop at Broken Hill, a town in the middle of the Australian Outback. Here you can visit the regional art gallery and see the “Big Picture”; a 100m long painting of the local scenery, or you could stop by the The Palace Hotel, made famous by the film Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The train continues through the hours of darkness, allowing you to wake up in the majestic Blue Mountains. Here you can see the impressive rock formations such as the Three-Sisters at Echo Point, and enjoy the gum trees in Jamison Valley before the train makes its way onwards towards Sydney.

The welcoming city of Sydney is home to the famous Bridge and Opera House, both of which are must-see items on every visitor’s tick-list. Be sure to take a ferry across Sydney Harbour to visit the restaurants and beaches at Manly, and wander the historic Rocks area for your gifts and more local culture.